Our company has been working with SKG for over 5 years now.  We have over 1100 staff and at least 7 different uniform styles, based on different work roles within the company.  Having been responsible for uniforms in a number of locations across the globe, I find the breadth of selection of styles at SKG means I'm able to find just the right look for comfort, whilst still ensuring the uniform represents our brand very well.  SKG also go the extra mile in having our uniforms embroidered with our logo.  They look great!  As for price, they are very competitive for the quality and work with us to lower costs by volume.  That being said, the prices are good for even the smallest of orders.  Orders are delivered personally and quickly.  That can be a real challenge for most uniform companies.  A great differentiation with SKG is their online ordering system.  It's simple to use and If their is an issue they are only a phone call or email away for prompt reply.  I am certain we'll be working with SKG Uniforms another 10 years from now!

Susan Vickery

SKG are a very professional and reliable company, which we have used for over 5 years. Nothing is too much trouble and we as a company always receive the personal touch which keeps us coming back. Quality is excellent and the choices really are endless. David and Tracey have gone above and beyond for me and the company on several occasions, assisting with difficult complex orders and also very large orders. Communication is great and I always know what to expect and when to expect it. I look forward to continuing our relationship for many more years.

Samantha Jones